The Mercury Detox Handbook


The only complete guide on mercury and your health, from start to finish.

The Mercury Detox Handbook e-book will:
       Help you determine how severe your mercury toxicity is (diagnose)
       Understand mercury toxicity (plan)
       Treat your mercury toxicity (treat)

Mercury and your Health


"Mercury is perhaps the greatest potential threat to our long-term health," (quoting Dr. Mark Hyman) and unfortunately it's in your body.  You have mercury toxicity, the only question is, how much?  

There is no known safe lower-limit to one of the most potent neurotoxins known to mankind so any amount of mercury in your body is too much.  Mercury can exacerbate and mimic the symptoms of every known disease.  Which of your health problems are due to mercury toxicity?  How can you tell?  Is it possible to reverse the effects?

How toxic are you?

How do you know if your health problems are due to mercury toxicity?

How do you get mercury out of your system?

The Mercury Detox Handbook answers all of these questions and more.


I almost died from mercury poisoning

In 2009 I was a healthy, happy, well-rounded athlete training to qualify for the Ironman World Championship, having just finished my Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley. I went into a local dentist's office one day for the routine removal of a mercury ("silver") filling.  One night, 3 months later I awoke struggling for oxygen, with numbness and tingling on the top of my head and down the front of my arms and legs, loud ringing in my ears, a profound inability to sleep from then onward (10 minutes total over 6 weeks), panic attacks, debilitating depression, and crushing generalized pain everywhere.  Literally overnight, I went from a happy, healthy, goal-oriented person to a crippled organism.    

I'd like to credit my survival to my discipline from years of athletic training and academic research skills, but in reality the truth is more brutal: I made it through that period on the promise that I would kill myself on midnight, January 1st, 2010 if I couldn't find the cause of my condition.  On my birthday, November 6th, I got the best birthday present I could hope for.  I got my life back, and you can too.     

Why the most common test for mercury poisoning is useless.

The unknown supplement that will exponentially increase your rate of mercury excretion safely.

Why the people with the lowest blood-levels of mercury often have the highest toxicity.

What I discovered

What you don't know can kill you.  In a weird sense I was lucky.  I had an abrupt onset of symptoms.  What if I had a more gradual accumulation of ever-worsening symptoms?  What if I had just a slowly worsening depression or a gradually worsening insomnia?  Or a gradually worsening loss of feeling and loss of hearing? Would I have discovered the cause?  Honestly, probably not. 

I meticulously listed all the possible causes I could think of.  Mercury toxicity was near the bottom of a long list. And then crossed it off completely!!  I mistakenly assumed that if I had mercury poisoning, the onset of my symptoms should have begun at the time of mercury exposure.  Wrong!  The first of many discoveries that saved my life was that the onset of symptoms typically begins 2-5 months after exposure.  I spent the next two years "hacking" mercury toxicity.  I talked to the best mercury toxicity experts in the U.S.  I researched the journal articles.  I was tested, prodded, poked with I.V.'s, and traveled between country borders searching for answers.  The Mercury Detox Handbook is the easy-to-read distillation of everything I discovered after I turned my Ph.D. research skills away from cognitive science and into the problem of mercury toxicity, using myself as a guinea pig.  What I discovered shocked and horrified me. 

The Mercury Detox Handbook

Which of your subtle symptoms may be due to mercury toxicity?

How can you protect your family from mercury?

What the one thing is that you DON'T want to do if you get mercury poisoning.


The Two Challenges

There are two hurdles to the problem of mercury toxicity:  The first is that there is only one good test for mercury toxicity and no one knows about it (it's not a blood mercury test or a DMPS challenge test or a hair mercury-content test).  So there is no standard by means of which everyone can agree that a person has mercury poisoning.  The second challenge is that, even among the M.D.s and researchers who understand mercury poisoning, there are contradictory recommendations.

Should you take chlorella, as many suggest or does chlorella itself contribute to mercury poisoning (as Hal Huggins says)?  Should you take EDTA and if so, intravenously, orally, rectally, or trans-dermal?  Or is EDTA a dangerous chemical as Alan Greenburg says.  Does zeolite do anything or are you wasting your money?  What about DMSA?  And selenium?  Do saunas help you secrete mercury?  Or do hot rock saunas drive the mercury further into your tissues as the Klinghardt-trained doctors believe.  Do you need extra B-12 or does additional B-12 only exacerbate your symptoms, as Huggins says?

How much better will you feel when you get the mercury out of your body?

How not to waste thousands of dollars on the useless chelation treatments that don't work.

Who to go to for help: the big resource list of doctors, dentists, toxicologists, and naturopaths that understand mercury toxicity.


Mercury emissions into the atmosphere

Mercury toxicity is increasing.  This graph shows the emissions of mercury into the environment since 1720 (based on analysis of mercury in ice cores). 

The number of cases of mercury toxicity has grown dramatically alongside the rise of mercury in the environment and food sources.  There are spikes from volcanic eruptions but the largest deposits are from the use of mercury to extract gold during the gold rush and from coal-burning power plants and chlor-alkali plants in the industrial age which emit mercury that finds its way into the oceans, waterways, and the fish we eat.  While the current emissions are only about 3-fold higher now, the total emissions of mercury has increased 30-fold in the last hundred years (compared to prior total emissions)!

Most people do not know that they have mercury toxicity.  We are exposed to it in the air we breathe and the food we eat, especially fish.  Mercury levels in common predatory fish like tuna, shark, and swordfish have been so high so long that there are federal warnings about consumption.  Less known is that almost all fish species (except in rare cases) have mercury levels high enough to cause concern.

The number of energy plants that burn coal to generate electricity grew throughout the 60's and 70's and with a resurgence of plant development in the U.S. and more everyday in India, China, and other developing countries there's no foreseable decrease in mercury exposure. 

Why mercury exposure will only increase.
What you can do to reduce your exposure.
What dental procedures are unsafe, even though no mercury is used.

Coal burning power plants and dental fillings are the greatest causes of mercury exposure


Hundreds of thousands of cases of mercury poisoning go untreated and undiagnosed every year.  People mistakenly think they are randomly depressed, can't sleep, or just getting old.  Diagnosing is hard, in part, because the symptoms of mercury poisoning can mimic any known disease symptom.  And in part, this diagnosis problem is due to the fact that there has not been, until now, a definitive test for mercury poisoning.  The standard blood test does not work nor does the standard hair test.  There is however an indirect test that relies on a reliable marker.  In the Mercury Handbook we explain what this simple, inexpensive test is and what the trick is to using it reliably.


The symptoms of mercury poisoning can be subtle or debilitating and the first course of action is to initiate a plan that immediate reduces the the worst of the symptoms to provide relief for the individual.  Typically, this is done by restoring trace minerals back into their normal ranges, and doing a first stage mercury removal to reduce the worst of the damage-causing mercury.  In the Mercury Handbook we explain how to do this as safely as possible and provide an extensive range of resources to aid you in your process to heal yourself.


Full recovery from mercury poisoning requires a consistent and long-term detox strategy.  The challenge here is separating the wheat from the chaff amid the hundreds of detox and chelation strategies that one finds all over the web.  In the Mercury Handbook we tell you which work, which don't, which have successful experimental testing on their side, and what the pros and cons are of each strategy.

Are you suffering from mercury poisoning?
How do you find out?
How do you treat it?
How do you reduce the mercury in your body?
Which doctors do I believe?